Folly Lama Films is owned and operated by documentary filmmaker Jonathan Cummings. Jonathan is a freelance cameraman whose work has been featured in dozens of films and television specials for networks including National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Earth, Animal Planet, PBS, CBS and CNN. Jonathan’s keen photographic eye, coupled with almost two decades of “behind-the-lens” experience, has provided him a wealth of working knowledge in the realms of photography and cinematography. His passion for the photographic arts, however, stems from his passion for the natural world and his unrelenting desire to witness and document the incredible diversity of life on this planet. His recent work has focused on topics regarding mankind’s impact on the environment, as well as exploring solutions to the growing environmental and humanitarian crises our world is currently facing.  

Skills and Experiences include...

  • Versatile 4k shooter with over 15 years industry experience
  • Documentarian/Photojournalistic-style
  • Long-lens, macro, underwater, and high-speed (Phantom Cam) experienced
  • Proficient in lighting and sound
  • Timelapse specialist
  • Slider, jib, dolly, and steady-cam user
"A good lens, a solid tripod, and the hard-earned ability to recognize a moment when it's happening. Those are the secrets to great footage!"
*Photo Credits for this page: Chris O'Rourke 

*Photo Credits for this page: Chris O'Rourke